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CHARGE 69 "Much More Than Music"

CHARGE 69 "Much More Than Music"
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CHARGE 69 "Much More Than Music"
Référence : LPC69MMTM
Liste des Titres - Much more than music
1. Phoney Paradise (Feat. TV SMITH From THE ADVERTS) (A Seite)
2. These Chains (Feat. MATT DANGERFIELD From THE BOYS)
3. Rockstar Attitude (Feat. BEKI BONDAGE From VICE SQUAD)
4. The 80's (Feat. COLIN From GBH)
5. Johnny Good Boy (Feat. GREG COWAN From THE OUTCASTS)
6. Uniform (Feat. CAMPINO From DIE TOTEN HOSEN) (B Seite)
7. Birth Of A Century (Feat. CHARLIE HARPER From THE UK SUBS)
8. Time To Communicate (Feat. ROGER MIRET From AGNOSTIC FRONT)
9. Authority (Feat. MICKY FRITZ From THE BUSINESS)
10. Better Times (Feat. ARTURO BASSICK From THE LURKERS / 999)
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